Riddle Competition Poll?



Hi, so I'm doing a poll. I am currently doing a trial run for the first riddle competition. Should I keep doing this? (once every 2 months or so) I need your opinion! :smiley:

  • It's great! I want another competition
  • It's okay, but I still want another run with some changes
  • I dont like it, you probably shouldn't do it
  • I don't like it, please don't do it :wink:


If you have another suggestion, please comment below.


And if you want changes, please comment on what you want to be changed :wink: (I dont know what to change if you tell me to change something)


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I'll join next time.


I have a (sort of strict) change!
If someone tries to play a wild card join
(Join in during the contest)
They shouldn't be allowed in.
Maybe give people one day to be able to participate?
Sorry, but I felt like it was unfair to the people who were on time :grimacing:


Maybe you should try and start with easy riddles. That way younger kids can join too.


Well it's a good idea but I,learned a bunch from this!


Alright, looks like re-run's a majority! How about this.
How many people should be accepted?

  • 1-5 people
  • 6-10 people
  • 11-15 people
  • 16-20 people
  • other (please comment below)



Bruh please make another one


y tho