Riddle Competition #2



Join RubyWolf/RubyWolf1


/join 20202022020202202


/join Dancing Lollipop


It's been 11 people but I don't want to be mean to @DancingLollipop sill I'll let u in


YAAS last time I joined I wasn't on my iPad for the riddle and I got disqualified


I might not be on every day but I will be on a lot k?


K it will start 2morrow hopefully


Topic stop bothering me I'm in NYE topix


Can I help host? @Follow4LikesOfficial


I twill be so cool!!


/join JaszyKake 2020202020 new username on hopscotch is TeleKakeNetics


I have a book full of them and unfortunately, I have picked all the riddles already. Sorry!


When will we start??


He said either later today, or tomorrow.


Okay! Thanks for the help!


We are @ the New Years party

It will start today, possibly tommorow


Okay! Good to know!!


It's on hopscotch right?


Yeah. Sorry @JaszyKake and others who are gonna do /join. I cannot make all the contestants the ones on the forum. I'll be electing 5 from Hopsotch. I hope you understand!


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