Riddle Competition #1



I am going to be starting a competition. A riddle competition! Here is the info.

What is it?: A competition that requires thinking. Made out of riddles and IQ questions.
How will it work? Basically, whoever wants to join, type /join (username)
In the comment section below. I will accept the first 10 people. Those ten people will be in the first round. People get eliminated until there is 1 person left.

I will be posting the riddles in my channel, but I will give the link too if needed.

Riddle Competition Poll?

/join (OrangeScent)



/Join ( Dancing Lollipop )


/join (Fun_in_the_Sun)


7 more open! Evfahuffbewb


/join (BuildASnowman)

I love riddles! :smiley:


Yay we got a leader in here


/join (Cocoa1106)


I want to join!
/join (Jootje)


/join (Rawrbear)


/Join giraffeproductions


3 spots left! :grimacing: gejgbJhvbRsv


Since you don't have hopscotch, I'll have a link for you. All you have to do is do it, then take a screenshot and upload it here.


/join (Puppies) Can I join


My hopscotch username is Puppy Lover


My iPad can't take screenshots. :confused: Can I just tell you the answer?


Sure 2020202020202020202


How are we going to prevent someone solving the riddle, posting the answer and then everyone else copying them?


/join AwesomeKitty

Sooooo... Why are you reading this?


It's a race, so it doesn't really matter that much. Although I get what ur saying. The first few people who get the right answer goes into the next round. If they post the answer they're only hurting themselves.