Riddle Club! [Yas HS related]



What is this??

It is a club where you answer riddles, code then submit. Look down to see what we do!

What do we do?

Well, here I will post a riddle you will NOT post it here you will make a project based on the riddle and if you know it put the answer. Publish it then post a link on this topic!


Inspired by @lollypopcorn’s badge topic go check it out it is awesome!


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Join us!

Just fill this form out!
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@laserpais_friends PLEASE JOIN THIS!


This looks kewl :smiley:


Your in!!


I like how for c!and people credit Lilly for badges when people have been doing that in c!I’ve for a while nkw.


Yay! Riddles…:smiley:There fun…


Your in!


Here is the first challenge!
Fred has died, beside him was a rickety table, broken glass, and spilled water. How did Fred die?
Make project about this riddle make the scene and if you know it put the answer! If you put the answer you cannot posy it as early you have to wait 'till the 25th to give me the link, if you have the regular project (no answer you may answer between now (20th) and the 25th! If you have any questions then please reply!

Riddle Members

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(This is until t1 make the group!)


okay bye


Your in!


@Kitty4U plz do the riddle challenge I post earlier today!:smiley:


I’ll think about it
It’s just I am busy
But I think it’s an amazing idea! :smiley:


Here is an exampleof a project you can make. (This one obviously has no answer :smile:)


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@Gobli09 :rosette::trophy:
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(If you do the challenge then you get 1️⃣ and :crown: For some new badges and if you get 10+ likes on it you get :wink:)


Nvm I think I can find time


Your in! Plz do the challenge!


Ok I looked at the project, I think I have an answer


Alright, shh! Keep it to yourself! You can make a project with the riddle and the answer but u have to wait till the 25th to give the link


I don’t really get this club


I know the answer
I’ve heard that riddle before