Riddle Challenge


I Challenge You
To Make A Riddle
I am challenging every one @OMTL @POMTL to make a project that is about or has to do with a riddle. To Enter post a project here that you want to enter.

-Riddle: /5
-Creativity: /15
-Quality: /15
-Code Difficulty: /15
-Total Point: /50

-Collabs allowed
-No Copying
-Have Fun

Judges Needed!!!
Tell me if you want to judge.
You must prove you’ve been a judge for a competition before. Or prove you can be a good judge.

Judge list

Competition ends
August 20th 2017
Judging 20th thru 23rd

Here’s one I made if you solve it tell me in
my GT


Ok, I’ll try to make a riddle in a project
It sounds fun!
I need to think of one, though


Can I be a judge @Kikflip?


Have you been a judge for a competition before


yes here I have proof


Cool you can be one of the Judges


Yay thanks so much!! Can’t wait!! :wink:


A nice idea! I have a riddle that is good, but won’t tell it now. Thanks for the notif!


Okey! I have one! I will start making it now!!


Can I just search for one? Or do I have to come up with one


This would be so cool but I’m terrible with riddles!! :slightly_frowning_face:


It doesn’t really matter. whatever you want


You can find one online if you want


I can be a judge. I am currently judging for the Summer Contest.


Cool your a new judge


Can I be judge???


Even though I’ve never been a judge I promise I’ll be a good one!!!


You have to pas the test first

What is one of your favorite things


My favourite thing is coding!!


Wow that’s a late reply! lol