Riddle Challenge Prizes



I'm currently working on @AwesomeKitty's prizes, but I'm wondering.... Hmmmm should I change the prizes for the second contest?
These are the prizes from last time

  • Yes (comment below what)
  • nah




If I win, I want 2 goats. If anyone else wins, they get a shoutout, likes, and maybe a logo or music request!


Can I get more @Follow4LikesOfficial even though 50 likes is a lot can I have a shoutout for someone else too? Please?


Ok but I'm terribly busy with projects so far... still have @PopTart0219's illuminati project to finish, 2 music requests and @AwesomeKitty's prize


Ok, I won't rush you ,"BTW I'm going to tell you the same thing I told @SmilingSnowflakes , Just take a break from all of that and do it later "


Lol but dem ppl will get angry


Post a project about you taking a break worked for @SmilingSnowflakes


But I'm not taking a break tho .—,


Then just Do it,make your dreams come true, JuST DO IT


Nah make a scrollable website for the winner