RGB V.S HSB poll


I wanted your opinion on this because I really don't think there's a difference but...

  • RGB
  • HSB


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I only know some stuff of RGB (lighten/darken super basic colors and make different super bright colors) and dunno how to make dark colors that take up two of the colors (red, green, blue).
With HSB, the colors are super easy to make for me!


Yep. I do some coding outside of Hopscotch that relies on RGB so I find it easy for me but if you prefer HSB that's fine.


HSB is soooooo much easier. RGB are are mixed colours


I prefer HSB because to me it's easier to understand


Search up a RGB converter.


wen you type code, you are going to have to use rgb, but you can always search up an RGB - HSb converter


In HSB, you can control the transparency of white or black, as in HSB(0,0,100), HSB(0,0,0), HSB(0,0,35) or something, and in RGB, you don't know what is the color you are typing - Even though RGB has 255^3 possibilities, HSB is better and easy to understand.


I mainly use HSB.


I wouldn't say that it is "better", it depends on the individual


Why does everyone use HSB?


I use it because it's easy to understand


@MR.GAM3R @kenlauescuadro and @FoodDelivery here's a guide to RGB:
When you were little you probably learned that mixing red and blue made purple and stuff like that. Well that's RGB right there. R stands for red,G stands for green and B stands for blue. Now I don't know why they used green instead
of yellow but just think back to kindergarten and you'll know the basics.


RGB Stands for Red, Green, Blue. The Values of of RGB are max 255 for each of the 3 colors. So 255³ is the amount of colors RGB supports, which is 16,581,375 colors, HSB stands for Hue, Saturation, Brightness. HSB actually goes to 360 per value allowing theoreticlly, 46,656,000 colors. RGB is like mixing Red, Green, and Blue in certain amounts to get a certain color, just like paint.


RGB are the colours that make up every other colour. R and green makes red to yellow. Green and blue etc


What does mixing blue and green make?


I think that a lot of people on hopscotch prefer HSB because it was the first introduced to hopscotch & I guess everyone got used to it.

If RGB was the first to be introduced to hopscotch, I bet more people would prefer RGB on hopscotch.

I like HSB because, well, because of what I said above. It was introduced to HS first and I got used to it. XD


This kinda color.



Blue and green makes cyan