Reviving the story my sister never finished!



So, in October, @xSunsetGirlOnFirex (my sister's account) made a topic about a hopscotch story. So, she hasn't been able to write it, and I thought I would revive it. Here is the original topic
I'm going to tag the original people to see if they still would like to be characters. If they do not respond within the next twenty four hours, I'll open a spot for someone to be a character. I think there are still spots for some side characters (basically, the eight main characters would enter one of your games.) I'm offering up my spot in the story, because since I'm going to be writing it, I don't want to be a side character. Plus, I have no worthwhile projects.

Original people:
@bluedogmc-official- is still a character!
@Sensei_Coder- is still a character!
@TheDrawer- is still a character!
@OnceUponATime- is still a character!
@Hoppertoscotch- no response
@StarryDream- is still a character!
@RubyStars- is still a character!

Everyone has probably forgotten their character, so it may be a good idea to look in the link up there... if you need to edit your personality or traits, edit them here

Side Character Form (Five spots open!)

What is your username on Hopscotch?:
Link of game you want to use in project:
Was this game featured? (Doesn't matter, but I'd like to know):

Main Character Form (ONE LEFT)

Character Name:


List (98 tags)
@DinoProductions :D!
Get the latest list here: link


I could be a character if you need me to :3


I need seven side characters! If you want to be a main character and someone doesn't respond, I can up you to that too.


Ok! I'll be a side character unless you need a main character :3
Do I need to do anything to be in it?


Well, the main plot is that the eight most addicted people on Hopscotch get sucked into hopscotch to play eight games. The side characters are basically the ones who made the games. So you could link one of your games that you actually made. Or, if you don't want to do that, you can be one of the friends of the main characters.


I'll still be In it, thanks! I forget about this!

One thing: my character could be athletic, hard working, nice, funny. I didn't really give much description on the original form!


Ok, I'll try to post one of my games :3


I'll still be in it! :D

Also, to add to my personality, could you add "loyal" to mine?


Here :3




Can I still be in :D
It was a nice story :ooo


@RubyWolf1, the link isn't working, can you give me the name of the project?


Okay, here is the character list so far. Edit in your personalities (if you forgot or want to add something)

@bluedogmc-official: Chayse (bluedogmc) Girl, nice, brown hair. Athletic, hardworking, nice, and funny.
@Sensei_Coder: Liz (SenseiCoder​:heart_eyes_cat:, or SC) Brown wavy hair with blue tips, blue-green eyes, light tan skin, blue T-shirt with a kawaii sapphire face, black leggings, purple flats, purple glasses. Smart, helpful, kind, fierce at times. Can do martial arts.
@TheDrawer: Clingy [The Coder :)] Straight, long black hair Snobby, but loyal.
@OnceUponATime: Lyra (OnceUponATime) Dark brown hair pulled back, acne forehead, hamilton t-shirt, dark brown eyes. Intelligent, not social, expresses on paper
@RubyWolf1: the creator of "Star Dodge."
@Mr.rex: The Coder :)'s friend. Made a difficult "Escape the Zoo" game.
@StarryDream: Reality Name: Lucy (StarryDream) Low-waist length black hair, blackish-brown eyes, usually wears dress, wool tights, and a cardigan. Sometimes a plaid shirt, skirt, wool tights, and a jacket. Intelligent, outgoing and has talent in art. Also has a reserved side. Courageous but also hotheaded. Has long-term friend potential and has a great sense of humour. Capable of self-defence. Anger issues and needs improvement in self-discipline. Procrastinates.

Not everyone is listed here yet.


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I don't think @GracefulIcing1 is on anymore...


I'm still a character! (And I remember dis lel)


Oh, okay. I'll keep her there just in case, though...

Also, you are accepted!




Ok, it's star dodge (by RubyWolf)


Why am I tagged?