Revisiting after about 25 weeks


I made a few small projects, but I wanna get back on the grind with a bang. So I’m taking to y’all. What should I make?

  • A Little Slideshow Movie
  • Tycoon
  • A Matching Game
  • Restaurant Game
  • Other (reply with it)

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  1. A maze game where if you have to dig for treasure?
  2. Lighthouse trail art?
    Here is some!


@DiamondSamuraiREAL do you want me to pull up my Mini-Nuke (patent pending)


OwO what’s this?


Idea Mini Nuke!

The Mini-Nuke, half size, half price!

One of those giant pixel arts
EEXTREEMLY complex art pad
3D Minecraft
2D Minecraft
Giant scenery trail art
Pokémon (Anything)
A Card Game
Aquarium Maker
Mini game hub
Centipede (or Milipede)
A Beach
Train Simulation
A “If you had $1,000,000 what would you do with it?”
A website
Recreate google
Recreate Email
A Phone or and iPad
A Box in a box in a box etc.
Something about me
Piano, that plays different songs and lets you play it.
Typing keyboard
Cat Sim
Dog Sim (please let there be Corgiiiiis)
BG Generator
An eye that follows you
The lord of the rings game
A Star Wars game
A actual book (with pages that you can flip)
Google Translate
Hopscotch IN Hopscotch
A “The flash game”
A town in which you can move around
Cat maker
Dog maker
Pet maker
Random Human Generator
A project with an idea nuke
A “PET richor, and X Awww Mannn ion Studios” Project
Wii Sports
Press the extremely realistic lever
A project where Awesome_E corrects your fourths
A “to be continued project”
Catch the fly with chopsticks
Create your own super market!
Something about yourself.
A project that can make other projects
Harry Potter Spell Sim
Dogs v Cats
3D Crosby road
A historic event examples include…
The titanic
Mount saint helens
Climbing Mount Everest.
A restaurant where you can order and eat food.
I realize now
Pun inator
Dad Jokes Sim
Reality tv show


Crazed Cat OwO


A minigame mashup like @Awesome_E, but with different games (no plagiarism)


holy there’s a tie


A restaurant game feels kind of unique as I haven’t seen that kind of projects on Hopscotch a lot. But it’s up to you what to make!


Alright, I’m making a restaurant game