Reverse Invisibility Help


Hey! I am working on my "Interactive Sunset" project and the clouds for the next update don't grant my request.

I need help with this:
When something's invisibility is 100, the other object invisibility must be 0.

Something = 20, The Object = 80
Something = 31, The Object = 69


When "Square" invisibility as a percentage = 100
Set "Circle" invisibility percent to 0


No..... Like, the circle's invisibility will auto update when we change the square one.....


Would it not serve to just directly (arithmetically) link the invisibility of the one object to that of the other? Essentially (A_Invisibility% = 100 - B_Invisibility%). Certainly, you can do that - the simplest case being to use a repeat forever loop on one object's or the other object's invisibility setting. Or might I have missed something?


I would have given that idea, but the question was just making something 0% invisible when something else is 100% invisible.

The question should have been more specific to begin with.
This happens allot with ppl asking for help.
They don't get right to the point of what they are doing until asked multiple times.


I hear you, @Stradyvarious. You're probably right.

I'm okay with it either way. It takes practice for all of us to learn how to get just the right amount of stuff across, doesn't it?

Mainly, I just keep my feelers out for any topics like this one that are so nicely / directly / refreshingly(!) related to code (and not some other thing) and hope that I can help identify a solution - maybe even have a neat discussion as a bonus.

One can always hope, right? :slightly_smiling:


@Stradyvarious I'm really sorry that I didn't specify that from the start..... Well, anyways, thanks for trying to answer my question :slightly_smiling:


@oio That solution worked but unfortunately, I saw your answer after I did it. Anyways, thanks for answering too!


No worries. :wink: Good luck with your project


@Stradyvarious Thanks!


I don't think that's unfortunate. That just means that we kinda think alike. Sounds good to me! :slightly_smiling: