Reusing Topics..?



Ok, we've all had those topics where they never lead to any conversation, like at all. So instead of just abandoning them, why don't we


I'm not a Go Green! Hippie or anything... But instead of just leaving our topics to rot, maybe we could reuse them?
What I mean by that is instead of making an entirely new topic on another idea or whatever, you can delete your posts (and ask people to delete theirs if there's only


If there is less than 10-15 posts.
And you can rename the topic and type up your idea in the opening post
This will probably only work with 1-4 people in the topic, but try it out :stuck_out_tongue:

Recycling Topics
(recycling in progress)
The Update Topic
Dream last night (Hopscotch Related!)
Like, anyone? This is my epic drawing step by step
Wait...what? Uh

Well said @OrangeScent1


nice! i like the idea!


Good idea, OrangeScent1!! Off topic on this case, but, hows coding?? I haven't seen much code in your profile lately....


Um I've coded two projects yesterday... I'm trying to upload one a day, but I don't want to push my music video down my profile yet


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Lol that tag tho


XD I didn't even notice until now


I don't even care about the lounge tbh (jk)




Good idea, but some topic might be needed for questions.

For example, if someone asked:

What is today's date? (It's not related to Hopscotch but just go with it).

A question like that could be answered quickly, without much conversation. But, we might still want to keep the topic, so that others who have that same question can have it answered without creating a new topic.

I hope you understand what I mean, I wrote that a bit weirdly. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah! But maybe we can do that for questions that have been answered before.


I get what you mean, I should pave addressed that in my opening post.
I meant to say: reuse topics that your are done with AND you know people won't benefit. From them




Got it :slightly_smiling::wink::+1:
Dat troll face doe


Don't make me recycle this topic guys XD



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Lol that's what I'm wondering!