Retry on a different question



So a few days ago I posted a post about dividing small numbers and big numbers using fractions. Lots of people told me it was wrong.(Shoutout to all of you for correcting me Thanks!)

Today I decided to retry on a different type of question. Dividing fractions. An example is 3/5 divided by 4/7. Last time I used the strategy for dividing. I’ll refresh it. First, change 3/5 into 5/3. Next, change 4/7 into 7/4. Now multiply these. 5x7=35 and 3x4=12 so you probably get 35/12. If I’m wrong please let me know.


Your closer this time!
Remember you only have to swap the second fraction
So its:
3/5 x 7/4 = 21/20


You don’t need to Mr eats a new topic for these, you can just post questions on the Numberphile topic, or a separate math topic. This helps keep the forum organized. Thanks!


Hello! Here, you have to flip the second fraction around, then multiply. So it would be like this-
3/5 / 4/7
(flip around the second fraction)
3/5 X 7/4

Therefore, the answer is 21/20 :wink:
Also, you don’t need to create a new topic just for this.


Thanks for the feedback guys!


That’s also call multiplying by the reciprocal