Rethink: an awesome app that can help us stop bullyin.g!


So, there is an app called rethink.

It's coded by a sixteen year old girl! She started coding when she was ten! I love how she put her skills to good use!

The app is a anti bullyin.g app! Basically, she made a algorithm that detects what you type and will stop you if it detects something bad.

This gives you a chance to rethink what you wrote!

This app could help stop flame wars here, and, it was coded by a girl who started coding at our age!

[This is related. It can help the forum and a young girl coded this.]


Heh heh. More towards you guys' ages.

But cool find!!


How old are you? @kvj


Yes, I love that!
she was also on Shark Tank, this girl is so inspiring and so many of us can relate to bad things being emailed to them, when people can't say anything to stop them and you feel just as bad as you would if you were to bully.

This app is a lifesaver!



No really, how old? :joy::open_mouth:


I think he's 14.. (@KVJ am I right? :3)


Possibly... or possibly not. :stuck_out_tongue:

People ask, but all I'm saying is: I'm a teen, for now,


Well you could turn something else in a year idk :stuck_out_tongue:
I'm tearing thirteen in



Happy early birthday, Laugh!


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Your nickname is Laugh though...


Laughing Carrot XD

k I need to do homework XD

seventh grade rocks


If only I were that young :u;



Was that on Shark Tank?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Have a growth mindset. You can still learn. :slight_smile:


Of course I can :smiley:

But I'm so old ಠ_ಠ.


Let's try to stay on topic here!


Sorry, somehow my age is interesting...?

Like i said, great find! #bully_solution


That sounds awesome :P
I'll be sure to check it out!