>RESULTS IN NOW! ~ 2019 80% Original Award ~ These Hopscotchers Are Underappreciated! (AWARD OPPORTUNITY! Think you deserve more attention? Here’s your chance!)



Aww thank you! Although I’m extremely noticed on Tynker, it’s nice that you nominate me!


That is one of the only projects there it isn’t remixed.


Thanks for giving me a shout out :wink:


Hi, TheDeliciousOrange here. I would like to nominate myself, and another hopscother that I forget the username of… will get back to you though.


I nominate ThatEnglishMuffin because they create innovative cool coding projects that I would have never thought of.


Uh oh… I can’t seem to find this user. Would you mind sending a link to one of his/her projects?



Ah! Yep I found it thanks


Is there a limit to nominations?


Nope! Do it as much as you want!


I nominate perez:D11111 here’s a link to his account


Yeah, when do the nominations close @PandaS?


Ah yes. I’m going to say you can nominate people until the 30th, but I’ll start narrowing down contestants ASAP.


I nominate myself, because I think I work pretty hard, and no one even knows who I am on HS is. Some people do, but that’s not the point.


What is your account on HS


It’s BabyButterfly​:butterfly::butterfly:


It is two butterfly emojis


Oh thanks!!!


You are very welcome


Here is my one @PandaS