>RESULTS IN NOW! ~ 2019 80% Original Award ~ These Hopscotchers Are Underappreciated! (AWARD OPPORTUNITY! Think you deserve more attention? Here’s your chance!)



"Thanks for the nomination bro.
You too, @A_Metalhead hahaha even tho I already said thanks to you

Haha I really shouldn’t be getting any of these nominations"

– Fearless

(You’re welcome, Fea)


Hey just wanted to say—

Really what I meant by a profile that doesn’t get a lot of attention is less than 20 likes average a project.


And another thing—I am automatically gonna say that a profile was nominated by the person’s username on here, so if you have a different name for hopscotch, plz include


I have checked out both of their profiles and they are pretty good!
@tankt2016 and @uthedevhs and @petrichor your’s too.




Can I nominate myself? Here is a link to one of my projects so you can get to my profile…

I also nominate @tankt2016 as they are a great Coder.
I nominate @CoderOfMagic as they are friendly and have awesome projects
I ALSO nominate @DMF as I really like there Code

That’s it from me!




Aw, thanks for nominating me, but that would be unfair because I’m the judge :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, actually! But turns out you’re already on the list :upside_down_face:


I think I’ll nominate myself. I haven’t done anything too big yet though.


thank you so much ;u;


Hey guys!!

So here are some pretty cool accounts on Hops that you might want to think about nominating. I’d appreciate it!


The List

Master Alchemist
_silia _
Hopscotcher :sunglasses::sunglasses: (@Hopscotcher)
Hatsune Miku :musical_note:


I second all of them.

I also nominate Firestar99


I nominate @HardcoreHufflepuff


Huh I couldn’t find this Hopscotcher. Are you sure this is the username?


Hmm yeah I’m pretty sure that’s the name…

I’ll find one of their projects and link you I guess


If you could that’d be better… he or she isn’t popping up in the search bar


Hehe I messed up the name sorry. It was firestar099, which probabaly explains that.

Here’s a link to one of their projects

Sorry bout that :sweat_smile:


Ah! Thank you! Found him/her


I think @XAMANION deserves to be noticed. They make awesome projects and is awesome just the way they are.