>RESULTS IN NOW! ~ 2019 80% Original Award ~ These Hopscotchers Are Underappreciated! (AWARD OPPORTUNITY! Think you deserve more attention? Here’s your chance!)




Hey guys it’s Panda, and today I’m excited to say there is now an award opportunity, up for grabs for plucky and creative Hopscotchers who really take time to code.

It’s called the 80% ORIGINAL AWARD, and in order to get it, you or the person you want to nominate (self-nominations are allowed) must have a profile that 1. Has roughly less than 20% of it consisting of remixes, 2. Is filled with creative, fun & well-designed games/art. 3. This person must be someone who doesn’t get a lot of attention!! The purpose of this award is to promote hard-working Hopscotchers who aren’t praised as much as they should be!!
5 people will be chosen as finalists, as well as runner ups, and the person who nominated them will be mentioned.

I really think this award is a great opportunity for Hopscotch to show true coding!! Sadly more than half of the majority of Hopscotchers out there have a profile filled with JUST remixes. And, all the real popular Hopscotchers are from the “earlier generation”, and aren’t as active. I’m saying they’re bad, no! I’m just saying that we should shine a light on OTHER Hopscotchers who deserve attention.

Basically, that’s it! If you know anyone, please tap the link below and nominate him or her! I do appreciate all submissions.


AWARD OPPORTUNITY!! by Panda Studios

“AWARD OPPORTUNITY!!” by Panda Studios. Made using the free Hopscotch app!

Also, please share this news!! I would like to make this award open to anybody!

Thank you!!! -PandaS


opportunity, not oppertunity


Alas, thank you. I did not see that


Ooh nice idea!

I can’t do this on the app, so would it be okay if I nominated a couple people on here?


Of course! I was just about to say that yes, it’s fine if you nominate on here as well!


This is an awesome idea!

Especially for people who worked hard and put lots of effort on a project and it didn’t get trending or featured.



I nominate GeorgeBros and @FearlessPhoenix
(I know fearless has had like 3 features and stuff but they make really good projects and honestly probably should get a bit Moreno attention)


Thanks! I hope you will nominate someone


Alright. I’ll check them out. If they meet the requirements, I’ll add them to the list. Thanks for your nomination!


Cool! No problem :)


Actually now i think it’s 75% art or doodles and 15% remixing
And not much coding

Also I nominate @coderofmagic, @apricity, and @A_Metalhead!


I nominate Bump Splat Gaming Co.!


Haha thank you but I don’t publish any projects from my account… I usually just do drafts in my account and help people with code, usually from Fea’s main alt


True. What i meant to saw is drawing can count for nominations, but only if its really good


aww thanks :slight_smile:


I nominate
xamanion studios (@XAMANION)
Coderofmagic (@CoderOfMagic)
Double wasp studios
Sophia71205🌈4️⃣✝️(@sophia71205) Sophia those emojis are hard to remember when are you going to change your name back?)


Some person made a fake (hater) account in June that is Sophia71205 (with a capital S). So I can’t really go back until they do something.

And thank you for the nomination.


I nominate Pizza peep🍕
(I’ll add more to this later when I can get on HS and find their names)


Thank you for the nomination @Petrichor


Something similar happened to me. Someone made an account about a year ago (Jan '18) that said “GweTV is a bad coder.” They have not published anything yet.