[Results & Analysis] The Best Hopscotch Game(s) of 2020!

Heyo Hops! @omtl

If you’ve been following The Best Hopscotch Game of 2020, it’s likely you’ve seen the results on the app, containing 2020’s top three projects. But if you’re a finalist looking to see how your project did, a creator wondering what qualities make a good game, or just a Hop who loves data - we’ve got some info for you!

Below are the top projects in each category, as well as the top five projects overall.

Category Champs

The first thing players see when they open a game is the Title and Screenshot. Great project thumbnails are purposeful, visually pleasing, and give the player an idea of what the game is about. Most of all, they make the player want to press “play”!

The project with the best Title/Screenshot is…
Aquapark v0.1 by Team Toucan!!

Once a player starts a game, they need to figure out how to play it. Projects with great Clarity might have a help menu or a tutorial to help the player out. Or a project’s mechanics may be so intuitive that the player can get started right away!

The project with the best Clarity is…
Aquapark v0.1 by Team Toucan!!

Next up is Playability. When testing a project for bugs, a programmer has to make sure that their players can always accomplish their game’s goal. Extremely playable projects run so smoothly that the player can have a fun time doing it, too!

The most Playable project of 2020 is…
Over and Under: A Platformer by Mr. Incognito!!

These projects wouldn’t be finalists if they weren’t complex! Games with great Complexity have multiple screens and stages, so the player doesn’t get bored. But don’t be fooled: some seemingly simple projects are complex on the inside, and some projects are complex in their simplicity!

The project with the best Complexity score is…
Star Wars Rescue Mission by Creations Of A Noob!!

Graphics are an important part of a project’s appeal - people like to play projects that look and sound good. Projects with a great Look have cohesive design elements that reflect the theme or actions of the game. A little art, music, or animation never hurts!

The project with the best Look is…
Aquapark v0.1 by Team Toucan!!

Top creators are always pushing the boundaries of what Hopscotch can do - or rather, what we can do with Hopscotch! Most projects with great Originality scores find new, more efficient ways to do old things. On a lucky day, we may see a completely new type of project that hasn’t been made before in Hopscotch!

The most Original project of 2020 is…
Pokemon Platinum: Dance Edition by SereneCygnet!!

Finally, a project is nothing if it isn’t fun. As the loading message goes: we have to make it before we can play it - but why make it if we never intend to play it? Projects with the best Fun scores are timeless projects that players can come back to again and again.

The most Fun project of 2020 is…
Over and Under: A Platformer by Mr. Incognito!!

The Fantastic Five

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Time to announce the top five projects!

Number five, with a score of 23.16 community points…
:tada: Pokemon Platinum: Dance Edition by SereneCygnet!! :tada:

Number four, with a score of 23.49 community points…
:tada: Over and Under: A Platformer by Mr. Incognito!! :tada:

Number three, with a score of 23.56 community points…
:tada: Space Rockets by TheCMStudios!! :tada:

Number two, with a score of 24.11 community points…
:tada: Jungle Safari :camera: by -Madi-!! :tada:

And, with 24.69 points, the Best Hopscotch Game of 2020 is…
:tada: Aquapark v0.1 by Team Toucan!! :tada:

No matter who you are or where you’re at in your coding journey, we hope you’re proud of the work you’ve done this year. You’re one of thousands of Hopscotchers past, present, and future - and each of you is amazing in your own way!
Here’s to Hopscotching in 2021!

- Your Forum Leadership Team



congrats to all the winners and participants! Your projects are all amazing!!!



That’s awesome n super cool stats!!!

Congratulations again to everyone :))


Yay!! Congrats winners !


Wow, congratulations everyone on such awesome projects!

Leads - super well written!


Congrats @Serenity!!! For Pokemon Plantinum: Dance Edition, was reading the graphic novel book when I saw this :smiley:


@(team toucan)

Well done all of you! You all have made fantastic games. The one I most enjoyed was yours nobody! I love platformers, this one particularly!
(@Spy_Guy_96, I also loved your robo adventure, probably so close to getting to the top five)


Or you could’ve said yourself


Congrats y’all!


Congrats everyone!


Congrats! :confetti_ball:


we leaders compiled this post together - it’d be weird to refer to ourselves as one user! :sweat_smile:

I’m glad y’all are enjoying seeing the stats though - we thought while compiling the results that y’all might like to know a bit more about how THT judges projects for comps! hopefully it’s helpful for those looking to participate in the future (dare I say #Love21?)
not to mention that all the finalists deserve some serious recognition! out of the many thousands of projects published by hops each year, to be even in the top 15 is insane


@Serenity, @Nobody, @TheCMStudios, @Madi_Hopscotch, and

Team Toucan



this is very cool, congrats again to the winners, serenity, and everyone who was “nominated”!




Congratulations @Serenity! I danced along with the Pokémon characters while playing your project. There’s nothing wrong with some disco!

Congratulations @Nobody! Everyday I kept coming back to your platformer until I finished every single level. I went over and under to complete it!

Congratulations @TheCMStudios! I had a lot of fun flying that rocket around. 3…2…1 BLAST OFF!

Congratulations @Madi_Hopscotch! Jungle Safari was actually pretty relaxing for me, but I still had a lot of fun. I think I’m ready to become a jungle photographer!

Congratulations Team Toucan (@Fundardo @GweTV @Nobody and @tankt2016)! I enjoyed creating my own AquaPark, no wonder this game was the winner. It always feels like summer now!

And last, but not least congratulations to the nominations that didn’t win, but we’re still amazing anyway. @CreationsOfaNoob @MurasakiBird @TheBest1Ever @Temm @Fenith @Valgo @Stylishpoopemoji33


<h1>Congarclutions peops!</h1>
Hmm quite a lot of them there are it seems




No problem, you deserved it!

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Didn’t even realize this was a thing! I don’t even know which project was nominated lol

Thanks anyways :slight_smile: