Restrictions on the Forum

Hi guys!
I have seen a lot of forumers asking questions such as, why have restrictions on the forum? What is the point? Well, guess what we are going to do today? ANSWER THAT QUESTION!

So, as you guys probably know there can be a lot of creeps on social media. People pretending to be older or younger than their normal age, and also others that may have a bad intention. So, it is very important that the forum is regularly cleaned with all the bad and only the good stays inside! That is why there are like counts, trust levels, and even reply counts! You have to make sure that a bad person is limiting their replies, because who knows? They may be saying something with profanity. And you MUST have trust levels, because you can’t just let these people make inappropriate posts and topics without their account being approved. Like counts are important because if there is an inappropriate comment on someone’s post, you have to limit the amount of likes on the comment before it is flagged because that can make the victim feel worse!

I hope after reading this little rant you sort of understand why there are restrictions on the forum and the need for them. If you really liked this post, please like it! Comment down below your thoughts on this post and if I should do similar ones! Please follow my Hopscotch account, (Swati_Bang) !
Thanks for reading!


you make a good point


Once again, you make a really good point with your topic. This has been discussed before, like when the community talked about if THT should allow PMs on the forum or not.