Restarting bug with multiple windows


Ok, I just lost a lot of progress on a collab project, I was working on it, checked the forum, went back to hopscotch, and it restarted, IK it has something to do with me going to check the forums, but with the hopscotch window still running in the background it restarted.... it just doesn't make any sense and this isn't the first time this happened to me


If you have a very new iPad, swipe left to use to apps at once...


(manually quoting 'cause I can't use quote button for some reason)

me no hablo dis grammar




What @AHappyCoder means is that there is a multitasking feature in iOS 9.0 which lets you use 2 apps at once! Just swipe from the right side of the screen towards your left! :wink:


oh, ik that, but the forum is all but impossible to read with that on, here's a screenshot of me typing this post...

and another of this post from hopscotch, while I'm editing this post...

look at that tiny window! how can I use that at all!?! I use it for my calculator and clock sometimes, but that's about all it's useful for