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Thanks for asking, @BuildASnowman. :slight_smile:


@BuildASnowman asked me if I had any suggestions for leader, so here's the response. The topic he posted it on was off-topic, so I made a new topic for it. So, here's my criteria to be an awesome leader:

  1. Be active for at least 30 minutes on the forum each day, and enjoy that time. Be an active poster in the community. This is important because you need to know the community well, and be active in that community. You should also be an active poster in this community, as I've noticed that leaders that aren't are just hanging out in the corner, doing nothing, really.
  2. Hasn't started any flame wars or drama in longer than an active month and a half. This person hasn't started anything inappropriate, mean or eligible to be flagged in a month of being an active user of the forum. Self explanatory, obviously. Why it's a month and a half instead of just a month is because sometimes, after a month of the forum, people may tend to get pretty wonky. Could be because of the fact that they're bored and want action on the forum, or just because instinct tells them to for some reason.
  3. Knows when to be mature. They're mature when they need to be, and they're silly when they can be, when the situation is right. Sometimes, a silly comment in the wrong place can actually ruin someone's day.
  4. Isn't too silly. Sometimes, you can make a joke that you think is funny, but another person could actually take it as something offensive. "Doesn't tease other people" fits into this category as well.
  5. Doesn't complain about or ask for leader. This is clearly a sign of immaturity, and if you do ask for it, you just need to wait for your time to get it. Key point: has patience.
  6. Tries their best to stay on topic. Even when everyone is talking about random stuff like clothes or jumpyduckz on their general topic, the owner of the general topic makes it Hopscotch related and makes legit posts that are related to the app. Also sometimes (or all the time) goes to other topics to tell them to GBOT.
  7. Adds to the conversation or topic when posting. Important, since some people think they post well and maturely, but it actually doesn't add anything to the topic. I guess this is self explanatory.
  8. Is nice. Self explanatory!
  9. Focuses on the Hopscotch app as well as the forum. Doesn't overuse the forum. This, in my opinion, is why people are always socializing on the forum instead of thinking of something to code!

So here's my list:

  • @CreativeCoder. She definitely deserves it. After three whole promotions, she hasn't complained about not getting leader at all. Though maybe her topics aren't very big, her posts are very well written, humorous in its own way, and helpful. She also fits perfectly into my on topic example, and on her general topic, when people are talking about random things, @CreativeCoder still shares ideas and projects she makes about the app. Definitely should get leader next promotion, if you ask me. :smiley:
  • @SmileyAlyssa. She's gotten very mature throughout the months, and she knows when to post where. She's a great coder, with 8 features and the top prize in a lot of contests. I never see her off topic anymore, and she really focuses on coding, which is what I really like. As a fan of spreading positivity, she has some pretty motivational and true quotes on her profile, too. She really gets the flow of things. :slight_smile:

I'd also like to list off one more person that is almost there: @Madi_Hopscotch_. Although she's still a member and is new to this "era" of the forum, she's actually one of the oldest members of the forum here that's still active, and she's definitely working her way up to regular pretty well, reading topics and all that. But once she's a regular, she'd definitely deserve leader. She fits the criteria awesomely, and she'd very well be a great leader once she hangs out in this community longer. :slight_smile:

In conclusion, I thought I'd be a good leader before I wrote this essay. I actually thought so. But when I looked over at my own criteria and reviewed it, I realized that I had a lot to improve on. And here's some of my personal advice to you, the reader: even if you don't want to be a leader on this forum, review my criteria and see if you're worthy of this big trust level. If not, work your hardest to improve yourself. If you find yourself off topic 75% of the time on the forum, improve it. If you find yourself making random posts that don't add anything to the main topic, improve it. If you cause a lot of drama on the forum, improve it. I seriously recommend it. It would be a lot of work and some of your old personality would go away, but that old personality probably wasn't good at all, anyway. All that work will improve you as a person drastically. I promise. :slight_smile:

Those of you who got on this list, you people are incredibly amazing role models. I respect you all, no matter how much I wrote about you. :smiley:

Have a good day/evening, y'all. :D


Strangely enough, @SmileyAlyssa wasn't promoted a while ago. Same with @CreativeCoder.


daaaaang that's a lot of time


No, actually. I spent at least 3 every day. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I spend a lot of time in the summer
In school that's gonna be hard


General topics should be closed if they have too much off-topic stuff.
Cuz this forum is not a social hub


Well, at least people are keeping them Hopscotch related :slight_smile:


Some people are
Others don't


daaaaannggg that's three hours of your life that you could be doing other things



The forum is amazing k don't judge me

I'm laik 40 hours a day


Like homework
Yeah...1.5-2 hours is hard for those who have lots of homework.


I fill a lot of these, but I don't feel worthy.

But @SmileyAlyssa needs to be leader.


I think this is great criteria, and we might start using this to guide us in choosing. One thing, I would extend the "hasn't started flame wars in a month and a half" to "hasn't started flame wars ever". Because starting flame wars shows immaturity and is definitely the worst way you can break the rules. I don't think we would choose a leader that has caused a significant amount of drama.

I agree a lot with your nominations. No further comment :slight_smile:


I really have nothing else to do :stuck_out_tongue:

I'll edit it. :slight_smile:


People deserve to be forgiven after a while, in my opinion. :slight_smile:


I like "No flame wars for a while."


Great topic KJR!

(Kim Jong Rawr)


Omg wow thank you so much! Your right, I am one of the people who have been on the forum since when it started. I am only a member though, but maybe 20 days until regular​:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:Again, thank you so much! I really like your nominations, those Hops would be great leaders!


Yeah, no problem! :smiley:


This great!
you should be leader tho