Respecting others' profile pictures


I don't know if there is a topic like this already, but here.
I searched btw.
Someone told me to change my profile picture because they said it's terrible.
Before you judge anything in someone's profile or their picture, ask yourself some questions:
Is is appropriate for kids under 18?
Is it scary?
Does it show hate to groups of people or to Hopscotchers?
Is if flashy enough to make someone sick?
Does it have any bad words?
Don't ask:
Is it annoying to me?
Is it something I don't like?
I hate this person, maybe they should change their profile picture and bio.
Is their bio annoying?

Don't judge other people's bios or pictures unless you have a good reason.


I 100% agree. Great topic!


Are you watching my user? :joy::joy:
Thanks by the way


No I am not. U are in every topic i enter though it's weird...


I agree with this. Here's a like :heart:


I sat out of likes as well.


I cri evryteim…


I say to myself "Darnity Darnity, Darn!". :stuck_out_tongue:





Cool topic!

The titles a lot like SmilingSnowflakes' new topic, maybe give credit?


This is a amazing topic. I like your profile pic! I'm not a huge Jacob fan, but I respect him and his fans :smile:


Great topic!

I agree completely! Just because some people including me aren't Jacobs biggest fans or fans at all doesn't mean they should be able to disrespect another's opinion :D


Titles don't matter, but okay.


You can watch users??



No, I don't think so. She's in my topics all the time lol


Yes, I agree. There shouldn't be bias influencing others on this forum.


I agree as well. :neutral_face::neutral_face::blush: