Respecting dank meme accounts and opinions on them


yey! thank u. :D


Ur welcum :D


I leik the meme accounts but dey can be a little annoying. DUNT use dem a lot so dat it dusnt clog up da forum. They is gr8 tho :3

I like the meme accounts, but they can be a little annoying. Don't use them a lot, so that it doesn't clog up the forum. They're great though! :3


Dude they're accounts.

If it's legit going to be all off topic then no

If we post and help then yes

I use this to be more chill and funnier



If you can live up to that standard than I don't see a problem with your account.


Yay KC sort of agrees with me :smiley:


I don't actually have one yet so I can't live up to that except on this account – which I try to do :slight_smile:


thenk yu for beeng so nies :0


Crashes into topic 3 days late

Woah, really nice topic!


Wur yoo tieping too me? Yur wilcom


nut rlly
i was talking to smailingsnowfleks
but ur nais to



(It wasn't shown as a reply to Frosty and mine was right above so I assumed lol)


I agree @SmilingSnowflakes good topic this is


hi frost e i appreciate ur passion on this topic


hi disk oh yes dank meme


Wait someone posted two years later here
Wow imma read what everyone talked about