Respecting dank meme accounts and opinions on them


Hello everyone!
Thanks to @Bananadog for the title! XD

I've noticed an increase in dank meme accounts, which is fine (as long as the account does not violate the rules!) and awesome! :D
I, personally, like them, and think that they're funny and fun. XD
I own one myself, it's actually one of the first ones to be created, and I am fluent in dank meme. XD

But I've also seen some harsh comments about dank meme accounts and the language. :0

Keep in mind that the dank meme accounts are still controlled by real humans, people, fruit, items, aliens, squids, foods, and living things, who all have feelings too.
It can hurt a lot of people's feelings if you call them really annoying or ‘dum.b’.

You should remember this for everyone. Dank meme account or not. :D

People can talk however they want to talk, use any grammar, language, or spelling they want to use, as long it doesn't violate the community guidelines.

Just kindly ask a dank meme speaking account to translate what they said into English or to only use English while talking to you, I'm sure most of them will be happy to do that. :D

If you find dank meme accounts annoying or you don't like them, I respect your opinion. But please, if you're going to express it, express it in nice, respectful way. :D

We should also respect opinions on dank meme speaking accounts. Any opinion should be respected. :D
Don't fight fire with fire, and be respectful when replying to them!

Smol tip: If you're having trouble translating dank meme, just say the dank meme words out loud! :D

Note thingy: This topic is only a friendly reminder. I am not saying disliking dank meme accounts and/or the dank meme language is 'bad' or 'mean'.




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