Respect our leaders


So yeah the forum is going through a thought time right now and I realized how much we are hurting the leaders as a forum and i feel as if we should start showing our leaders a bunch of respect so today is Leader Respect Day! We all give our hard working leaders compliments and cut them some slack.
And yes moderators you can tell them who I am if you want I don't really care lol


First leaders I'll mention in this post:
@gilbert189 I admire how you're brave and not afraid to stand up for yourself. Your projects are so cool! I couldn't do sine and cosine if I tried, and you're a pro.
@buildasnowman you're really chill and nice. I like how you find ways to "hack" blocks and do cool stuff with them. Your projects are outstanding and your manga art is really good. Keep doing what you do


@smilingsnowflakes I admire how you respect everyone and you're very calm and inspiring. You're a great artist and trail artist as well. Keep doing what you do!
@poptart0219 I love how you are calm and respectful and respectable. Your coding is amazing and your art is just as amazing as you are.


@mathgirl you're a great artist and coder. You're a very calm and respectful person who is cheerful all the way
@intellection74 you are one of the kindest people here. I admire your coding and how you are calm in bad situations. You really stand up for girls' rights


Thank you so much! ;u;
You're really kind, and awesome! ^^


Please note that I'm not doing the alt accounts of leaders like qusid and DAS
@kiwicute2016 I really like your art. It's truly amazing, and my mouth falls open when I look at your projects. Sometimes I was first to like your projects! I look up to you.
@anonymous even though you're not a leader anymore, you used to be one and even though you left, I still can tell you this. I look up to you and you were such a chill person. You were very kind and we could relate very well. I'm gonna miss you, great coder.


Aww, thanks, it means a lot. :slight_smile:


You're welcome, Gilbert!
@liza I know you may not read this, but can you please tell the whole team that I really appreciate you guys. I appreciate your hard work and decisions. Keep on being great :blush:


You guys are free to guess who I am if the mods don't want to reveal it or you just wanna guess, but I don't really care if they reveal or not, this topic was meant for the leaders to be happy.


The Leaders aren't even humans. :0
They are GODS of MOUNT FORUM that come and visit us lowly mortals and clean up our messes. :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree we should respect them
However sometimes we need to point out what they are doing wrong so they can improve (obviously in a nice way)


Also, respect does not mean you have to like them. You just have to treat them fairly.


I agree with that.


I know that it's just they were getting hate so I wanted to brighten their day a bit.


Thank you so much! :D

It means a lot. :)


Great topic :thumbsup:!!!


I'm saying that to those who don't particularly like the leaders




Do,you guys wanna guess who I am
Also you can say what you like about the leaders here!


Who are you?????? @RespectTheLeaders?!


That's for me to know and for you to find out