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This is not the kind of topic you'd expect from a regular on this forum. It's an IRL thing, or to be more specific, a thing on my phone. So yes, it's not HS related, but since some of you are extremely techie people, I thought I'd ask here.

A few minutes ago, I was looking through my photo library, and in my stream there were two pictures of never taken. One was of a eye, it looked like an X-Ray eye. (I panicked a little there)

The other was a girl I don't know using a snapchat filter or something like that.

But it gets weirder. I ran over to show someone the pics, and by the time I got there.....they were black. That's right, both pics went completely black. And a third black pic was added. So I have 3 black pics in my phone right now. They say they were taken in June.

I deleted two of them, and they're not in my recently deleted. It also says the photos aren't editable.

Here's on I duplicated and screenshotted (after it went black)

Like, I'm so confused and freaked out too. I've had problems with this idea with suspicion of a hacker where apps would show up I didn't get, could it be that again hacked??

Sorry again....but you guys are the most tech knowledgeable people I've ever seen other than Apple.


The topic is probably going to be closed and I'm probably going to be told to ask elsewhere, but I thought I'd try.


I don't know

Hello @Anonymous


Did you update lol

Apple is telling everyone to update because the last update gave high chances of being hacked because of the poor security thingy they accidentally did something with

So update your phone and it'll be fine


Case Closed!


Nooo I ignore that screen because I also feel I'm too busy. Is it too late?




That's probably your solution mkay bye


Nope never mind case is not closed

Just kiddn



Someone sent me that article but I was like

Wait. So I already am hacked??? That's not good


Well if you want to get hacked I suggest you update asap


Idk lol I didn't do 100 hours of research on it just update


Just watching closely and liking every post


I'm just gonna ask @BuildASnowman because he knows like everything about code and then we can close or unlist I guess


Hi @Maltese any idea what is happening


I'm not a tech genius D:

So I don't know what's really happening ยฏ\_(เฒ _เฒ )_/ยฏ


@BuildASnowman no answer? Lol he's probably not on

Ok @Kiwicute2016 @PopTart0219 too lazy to tag the rest of the leaders, you can close! :D


@anonymous I have not updated my iPad for like the last two updates do I seriously have to update like three or two updates?


It's probably a security bug. Calm down, calm down.


You might have taken photos by accident?