Requests so I can GIVE BACK!



Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I'm upping my game with drawing!! So, I will be taking requests on here and Hopscotch to draw faces, animals, mythological creatures, and recent fictional dreams! But, mainly EMOJIS. Any requests or questions? Example------>

Angry Emoji!!


Anyone? Anyone at ALL?


Can you code this emoji?



I will try..... Kill me if I can't (family metaphor)


Can you code a an emoji with this expression?

(The kid, not pikachu)


Can you draw :smile:?

Also thanks for inviting me! :blush:


That's actually the rage emoji. But can you do a fairy, like a flower fairy? Realistic?


Could of please code :stuck_out_tongue: for me?


ERMAGERD!!! Okay, one at a time, please!! I really don't know what you mean!!!


to SmileyAlyssa!!


Could you please code the :stuck_out_tongue: emoji on hopscotch? :)


Wassat mean. Explain plz. U mean, like, pixel art?


Pixel art or by shapes. If it's too hard, you can just draw it.


I think I'll draw it!!