Requests? pwease

Hello! As you might know, I'm -EnchantedAnimallover- on hopscotch (don't get me mixed up with @EnchantedAnimallover!), and I recently got a feature! I would love to get requests from many people for pixel art, trail art, or drawings!
Maybe shape art! (shape art is art made with shapes)
And plus mah old request topic is ded XP
I'm desperate so be a good potatoe and request XD


First like and reply :slight_smile: Can you make HS avatar?


are u talkin bout dat circle thingy below ur hs name?



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mk! :D


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night! I gotta sleep, I'll do ur request tomorrow!


Vani, thinking maybe we should make a topic about who's is who. :DD

Make meh a drawing.


@VanillaBlossom regular pizza trail art/drawing

I want a HS avator to please! :pray:

Draw a baby kawaii unicorn potato in space singing a song with their mommy and daddy :3

Iā€™m done :D BEAT THAT PROCRASTINATION @Angidrawings and @DMF
XD I had no idea what avatar you guys wanted so I made 2 and made the project a little funnier than just viewing it! :D

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Anyways, Foody, I can't do your request because you left and it wouldn't be fun if you didn't see it.

@JaggedJeans I can't do that drawing request because it is too complicated for me to draw. Here are some other options you can request me to draw:

  • Humans (boys are too hard for me to draw sorry)
  • KAWAII animals
  • Chibi characters
  • Mythical creatures (human-like)
  • OCs that you want in my style
  • Name one and I'll see if I can do it

Thanks! You can always request twice!

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Wow that was a long time ago XD
Well heres a request since you want one

A girl with long wavy brown hair
Dark brown eyes
Tan skin
Smiling with mouth open (showing teeth)
White long sleeve shirt with black polka dots
Brown furry boots


You're welcome!

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