Requests Open! Again!



Hey guys!! I've decided to do art requests (again!) but this time on my art pad, the Blaze Pad!! Thanks, plz request here!!!

(What to have)

Username on Hopscotch:
Animal or not:
Any lyrics?:
Is it an item?:



(Ps if ur not on hopscotch and do this foe fun, plz note that :slight_smile:)



Skin Olive Tone

Hair Color Hazelnut with Purple Highlights

Hair Style Long Hair and Wavy

Glasses Black and Hot Pink Stripes with Square Lenses

Shirt Light Purple Crop Top

Pants Ripped Jeans Color Light Blue

Shoes Plain Black Flats

Bracelet Purple Beads with a Sliver Cross


Im really sorry about how it turned out, i can redraw it. Im horible at glasses, and i cant draw waist down. Plz respond if redraw wanted


(Btw i dont have hsbs on my blaze pad so sometimes i do it on others pads. Srry)


Oh it's okay!

Can you redraw please!

Sorry if I cause you trouble!

Here give me a human request!

And I can draw it!


Also I can help you with request if you want!


Ok, thank u soooo much!!! Im not very good at drawing but luvv it anyway lol