Requests (I do art and drawing pads)



Does anyone want art from me or a customized art pad on Hopscotch?

These are some of my arts I guess -_- the Miku is from an art thingy speaking of which I should probably work on that... My hopscotch profile is my user name and I have made 4 drawing pads before! Two were for other people though.


Your art is amazing could you maybe do a request and a drawing pad for me? If you can I would like it to be a remix of one of my projects?


Yep! What do you want me to draw, and what's the project?


Can u draw me? If yes I have long blonde hair, green eyes, any clothes, and u can add stuff if u want


Okay! Awesome, and what do you want me to do for the drawing pad?


With the drawing pad can it be called wolf pad and you can do as much as you want on it and I'll add stuff to it and can it plz be a remix of one of my projects in hopscotch I'm RubyWolf


Yup, I just have to eat and then I'll get started.


Thanks so much @Sparkczy!


No problemo ~•~ I added every single hopscotch character to the pad so far!


It will be great!!!!!!!!!


What else do you want?


I dunno if I think of anything after I can add it. And how many colours did/will you do


None. I have to go but I'll add some