Requests? Form included *FIXED FORM NO LINK


Form inspired by @Anonymous


Draw them on hopscotch! :D
Or, take hopscotch related requests. (e.g. Draw frog, or draw a code block.)
That should make it hopscotch related. :D


Right ok... Well actually you know a place to share art that's not Hopscotch? (I just am not a HUGE fan of drawing on HOPSCOTCH) basically I prefer drawing on different apps specialized for drawing... I guess I could do what someone else is doing and make people hopscotch forum profile pics if that's ok with her... Genius idea really. Anyway umm @XiaoMiaoMi can I?


@Bubbles4Ever929 Sure!

EDIT: You just can't copy or trace my art without my permission. I doubt you'd do that though!


Oh yeah I wouldn't do that. Then it'd be obvious I am a copier (I AM NOT FYI OK????)

Edit: None of you actually call me that so not to sound rude. Just letting you know I do NOT copy.


Also I'm looking for a good thing to use for drawing any suggestions @XiaoMiaoMi?



I posted something here that might help you:


Thanks, just got it.


I drew a picture of a strawberry :slightly_smiling:


Srsly doh I got nothing to do.... So PLZ anyone? Not to sound like a begger but I've been waiting like forever now


I can have that! Is it okay if I use it? :D


Use what? BTW I feel I'm getting off topic so just... Please people request!


The strawberry! I am going to code a strawberry with a face, but can I use that in the meantime? :D


Yeah! Honestly I'm so happy

Edit: I know it's temporary


Changed! There is a credit at the bottom of my info section! You can have a look at it!


Please please please anyone?


Added a form so I revived this topic. #Recycling and stuff...


I fixed the form...


Actually fixed the form. Check it out now!


I requested! Did you not get it? ;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;