Requests for new project



Ok so i just made a project:
And if you actually looked at it then you would know that you can request games for it so this is where you can make requests! Heres the topic for the game:

New project out! Please check it out! New Update check it out!
My first feature ever!

Can someone please request because i want to code more games in it but i dont know what to code!


Flappy bird plz k thicks


Ok ill add that in next update


Does anyone else want to request? The next one will appear in the next update!!!!!!!!


Make a flying plane game!


Like do you want the plane to be doging obstacles?


Sure, whatever you want!
You could make it first person!
It could look sort of like this:

This is a quick doodle of how it could look.
You're inside the plane, and looking out.
The pink dot is supposed to symbolize the obstacle!
It's behind the "window."


Ok! That sounds cool!


Ok so heres all the games that will be in the next update:
Flappy Bird requested by @_System2?
Crossy Road requested by @Ella_13
And a flying plane game requested by @Snoopy
Ok thats it for this update any more requests will be added in the update after


Can you do something like youtube?


No its a game web


I mean can you just make the look of it, like a picture or something (not saying that you need to pay)