Requests for music?


So, I'm going to take music requests, but you have to give me two songs incase I can't do one of the songs. I'm also new to the forum so I'm not sure if this is good enough to say in the forum. My hopscotch username is A Shy Dreamer


Can you do Hello by Adele? My second choice would be Sorry by Justin Bieber.

  1. Can you do the Gravity Falls Theme song, or the intro to UNDERTALE?
  2. Welcome to the forum! This is a perfect place to say your doing requests!
  3. Is your profile picture Chara with Toriel as her head? :joy:


Welcome to the forum!

And yes! This is actually good enough for a request on the forum!
As you learn new things here! Maybe you can get better!

My two requested songs are:

Demons - Imagine Dragons

Hello - Adele

Again, welcome!

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Hi! I think I could do both but I'm going to start Hello first. My profile picture is Asriel with a flower crown.


@comicvillestudios and I can have the same song, to save you time.


I just published a WIP of Hello, but it sounds slightly strange


Welcome to the forum @A_Shy_Dreamer :D


I made demons but then I accidentally deleted the draft ;-;


I remixed it and fixed it, so tell me if that is okay.


It's great! Thank you.


No problem!! I played that for my piano recital, so I know the notes by heart!! : D


I forgot that I was doing requests for a long time but I just remembered. I did the gravity falls theme but it's short. Sorry! I'll try to do the undertale theme tomorrow