Requests for horse drawings!



Can I have a teal pegasus? My Minecraft username is Teal_Pegasus, so both teal and pegasi are close to my heart. Thanks! :blue_heart:


I love horses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Me tooooo! I love draft horses the most!


I just like regular horses!


@HorsesKM do you know who @NeonCleats1 is? :joy:


Yes, I know both @HorsesKM and @NeonCleats1 in person. :stuck_out_tongue: I see them every single day! :joy: sorry, let's get back in topic now! :grimacing:


Wait is @NeonCleats1 piper


@NeonCleats1 I like any horse. Are you piper?


Yay!!! I'm right. I thought you said she was. And what do you mean":wink:".


Sorry just got wifi !


Yay! I have really lousy wifi at dis hotel...


Hi @NeonCleats1! I know you are piper


Here is your Neon Unicorn @Candycane!




Thanks! Sorry I couldn't publish it on Hopsotch, I was in California with no wifi. Then I turned off my iPad and it was deleted. Luckily I got a photo before it deleted.


Thta fine. Lucky u screenshotted it or whatever!


Can I have a softball saying number 48
A horse with a softbal sign I guess!


Can I have a Chesnut colored one and with a black main and tail? Also, can you draw a stack of hay? If you can draw this, thanks!


I asked for a teal pegasus ages ago...... It would appear that you forgot, @NeonCleats1. :cry:


Sorry long break I'll get working on it now!