Requests for horse drawings!



Here is where u can request a horse for me to draw for u!


Will you draw it on paper or hopscotch? If paper it's not related!


@SmileyAlyssa, @SmilingSnowflakes, @RubyWolf, @Intellection74, @asha, anyone want to request a horse drawing?


Hopscotch on the Coconut Pad.


How about a rainbow-haired white unicorn with wings?


Can you please draw a neon blue unicorn with a layered blue tail? :blush:


Thank u I'll work on it right now!


You're welcome!


One neon blue unicorn with a blue layered tail coming up!


OMG thank you so much @NeonCleats1 :blush:


Any one else draw horses?


@NeonCleats1, do you want me to request to you or me to draw it?
I'd love to request to you!!!:grinning:


@NeonCleats1 sorry, I can't draw horses, :sweat_smile:, thank you for the offer though!


I sometimes draw horses and thanks for @'ing me!


Either way, u can request a horse for me, sorry my iPad died. I finished tankt's Alicorn.


@NeonCleats1 Do you want a request from me?:grinning:

Okay, here!

A white horse with reins and a saddle! Can it be jumping? Thanks! It's so cool that you're taking horse requests!

By the way, I can try to draw horses! I'm best at animals and people. (Or most things realistic)


@NeonCleats1... :smile: Did you see this? :smile::smile::smile::smile:


Just did! I'll start it for u!


I love it! I actually think it's better than my drawings! Thanks!


I like yours better, sorry I just realized that I forgot the horn!