Requests For Follow Generator?



Okay, apparently this "Follow Generator" is doing what I wanted it to do.

Recognize awesome coders. (Check out @LazyLizard's project!)

But, I need new ideas for it. Anyone know Hopscotchers worthy?

Thanks, @Gilbert189



Is this for well known Hopscotchers or for Hopscotchers who are good, but aren't recognized?


This is a mix of both! I started out with some well known ones, but I want to recognize some other awesome people now.


That was fast!! Here's some people they might already be on there


How about MR*Artist? She's a great artist, friend, and coder!


I've got a GREAT list. It is the best. :stuck_out_tongue: (Donald Trump Refrence)

Who would like to hear? XD

  • me
  • not me



Do it!


Sorry I had to :joy:


Alright. I follow hopscotchers that are
1. Awesome at Coding
2. Brilliant artists
3. Super nice
4. Auto follows XD

Worthy(There are lots more, but I thought of it on the top of my head)
  1. @YuxinaYammy
  2. This guys name is long and I forgot (strike something?) heres the link
  3. Swift771
  4. @UptownStudios
  5. RenegadeBird
  6. QueenAtika (Wolf drawings)
  7. @randomowlsLC
  8. @Fifithefunnyflower
  9. What about funky? XD or in this case, "The only Wizard"


Ooooh I'm #8 but the fact that I'm on the list is good :smiley:


Oh yeah! I will definitely use that! I'm gonna put @UptownStudios, @YuxinaYammy, and @randomowlsLC in the next version.


Version 1.3 is out!




It's great @Gilbert189


SΓ©nor Follow4LikesOfficial was offline, because I started typing and it shut down my iPad and i saw the ο£Ώ logo :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I was gonna say: They're notin order, so 1. Doesn't mean "the best" (another trump Refrence)
I just thought of them


Um, it's good and all @Gilbert189, but you forgot to set RANDOM to 1 to 20. It only has 1 to 17, and that's why my name, Uptown Studios or randomowlsLC won't show up. Fix that?


You should put Ian's debug account (SilkyChicken) because people that haven't been on Hopscotch long would be sooooo confused if they get that XD


@Gilbert189 What @YuxinaYammy said


Whoops! I totally forgot! Guess I was too excited...:sweat_smile: I'll unpublish and fix!


Fixed it! Here's the link:
By the way, @YuxinaYammy, I saw your website! Thanks!!!:wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::smile:


Me (xD)