REQUESTS for anything


Hey this is where you can put your requesting down for anything :grinning:


@Dude73 Could you draw a boy with sort of long hair in the front and short in the back color dark brown. Skin color tan and a plain black v neck shirt on with jeans? And it says Wookie up in the corner but so it can't show when I make it my profile pic! Thanks :smile::blush:


Alright! I will, and thanks for requesting! :blush:


Np your an amazing drawer I could never do something like that :blush: @Dude73


Really? Thank you so much! And practice makes perfect. :wink:


Are you done yet? :blush::hugging: @Dude73


Not yet. It is taking me a really long time. Sorry for the wait! :disappointed_relieved:


@Wookie I am so sorry for the wait. I am using this to check out different apps to make it better. Hope you don't mind, I just need to test a photo editing all and a painting app for the skin tone.


I finally finished @Wookie! I am super sorry for the wait. :grin:



What App?


Notability, brushes redux, Avairy photo editor, and sketchbookX. Again, sorry for the wait!