Requests are Open



This is a place to make requests for Hopscotch projects or art. It doesn’t have to be to anyone in general, just a request. Or it could be to someone. Please no chatting on this. Only requests, questions, or complements.


Great topic idea! I accept Trail Art requests (or requests of anything else) basically all the time. Just ask :slight_smile:


(Yes,I know this off topic)
Because you are the master of trail art,do you like my controller I made?


This is a great idea for a topic!


I know, right? This topic is really useful


@the_dancer @Aariv @William04GamerA Thanks guys. I just thought to make this since lots of people are “running out of ideas”.


I need some requests


Yeah, that is pretty common for some reason.


I am going to make a random request…somebody should make a chess art trail.


Requests always have quests.


Yeah… it really reflects the fact that there is a lack of motivation to code.


Any requuuuuuuestssss? For games? Or projects?