Requesting coding partner


I am looking for a coding partner who is good at coding and makes more projects from scratch than remixes. Must be a hard worker


I wish I could say I was eligible but I remix a lot... I hope you can find someone!


Well, as long as you are good at coding. :us::pencil2::gun::iphone::+1::dog::football::basketball::moneybag:🖊


Also, i remix alot to. But i am starting to make more projects from scratch. Like a while ago, i made a hopscotch movie and a lottery!


That sounds awesome! I am pretty good at coding... Could I be your partner?


Sure! Also, what state do you live in? I currently live in myrtle beach, South Carolina.


That's kind of like giving away personal info... But I live in Colorado:sunrise_over_mountains:⛰🏔:mount_fuji:


Lucky! I have to deal with an overprotective dad JUST BECAUSE we live in a partly dangerous city.


What do you want to make? A game or quiz or art?


I dunno. What do YOU want to make?


Hey, what is your hopscotch username. I looked up baskettball nerd in search-channels and got nothing.


We should make a really impossible quiz! I started one a while ago called "The Series of Questions to Which There Might Be No Answers" it was pretty cool, but I was just starting out with quizzes so I couldn't get it to work. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We could also make pixel art, too.


Oh it's Hoopster116:basketball:✌🏼️


That sounds cool! When should we get started? Not now though. I am in social studies. I beez a 7th grada.


I am doing History, too... I am in 7th grade, too!


Maybe we can get started later


Also, my friend sahar1950 (sits next to me in social studies) said you have alot of coding partners. Is this true? Although, i m pretty cool with it either way. As long as you dont stabb me in the back (i doubt you will:+1:🏻🌮).


I saw what you just said to sahar1950. That sounds pretty cool!


I dont have many partners. I reply to posts where people are asking for partners and say I will be theirs cuz I wanna help them any way I can. Most of the time they don't get back to me so yeah.

Yeah we can do like a collab. I mean since you and @Sahar9150 are friends that would be cool


Wait, you are hoopster116:basketball:✌🏻 right?