[request] When "up/down/left/right/w/a/s/d" is pressed (for PC hopscotchers)



I had this idea in mind, because unlike others who have their iDevices, we, PC users, who (currently don’t have our iDevices in front of us); can’t touch our monitor, just to press the arrow keys in screen.

This is what I mean:

See the arrows that are used to move (<, >, ^)? iPad hopscotchers can just grab their iPad, and put their fingers near the arrows, so they can press it immediately, while PC (and other devices’) hopscotchers need to rush and click the two arrows, and sometimes, we miss the thing that we need to tap/press, and we fail (the game in Hopscotch).

Why is this needed?
Well, I’m a Hopscotcher, and I like to play Hopscotch games. I like to complete them immediately so I can get into my work. It’s just that I can’t finish it immediately because I need my mouse to be accurate.
I know that this will take more work for Hopscotchers, but at least you get more plays.

Why is this request in the Control Blocks category?
I can’t find another category that I can put my block suggestion, except for here.

Tips on how to make the coding fast?
Maybe put the blocks that you need to move the character in an ability, so you can just drag and drop the ability?


That's a great idea! :grin: I think that it might only happen if you can code with hopscotch on a computer though. :slight_frown: But still I think it's an idea that should happen


Well, I got hold of the Hopscotch app, like, 3 months ago (but I don't have access to it now), and I saw that you can like, hold it the blocks to know more about the block (that you pressed)? I tried holding the Set Text block, and it showed text that explains the block. Maybe they can just add the block (when w/a/s/d/up/down/left/right is pressed block) and when new people get hold of the new Hopscotch app, they can just hold it? I haven't checked in the "When blocks", but I think that it does have that text too.

(And maybe a text when beginners get hold of the app that they can press blocks for explanatory text?)


It would be a bit hard to test while making new projects because you can't play drafts using the web player. It would also require people to also add regular controls to projects, otherwise iOS users wouldn't be able to do anything.


Well, I think that if the blocks that you need to move/do something that PC users must press A/D/W/S (and etc.) works in an iPad, it, most likely, will work in the PC too. We can add the blocks that you need to move (as w/a/s/d/down/up/left/right is for moving) in an ability.

For example:

When iPad is swiped right (this does work in PC, I think?)
Set Text to [Hey]
Increase Value [Hi] by [1]

We can just put the Set Text and Increase Value blocks in an ability, and if it works, we can just drag it to, like, a "When A is pressed" block.

Also, if by "controls", you mean, those arrows (in the example in the main post) that iPad users press... Well, we won't need to add regular controls if the project's move controls are "swiping left", "swiping right", etc. as it also works in the PC. If you don't mean it by that, well... I don't know what you mean by "controls".

Also, my idea of "when up/down/left/right/... is pressed" is that it's optional, it's not project-mandatory (by that, I mean that projects don't need it to be included for it to be run, or be published).


I can't find some kind of "block suggestion" categories, so I just posted this here (as this category is about control blocks, which are somehow related to when blocks[?])


That would be a cool ability to have.
Considering how long it took for some extra maths blocks to appear in Hopscotch and trying to make Hopscotch projects run on a PC browser, i'm guessing blocks for "When arrow key is pressed" would take another 5+ years to be made for the Hopscotch app.


Well, yeah... I don't think this will be implemented in the next few (few is for small numbers, right?) years...


Have a look at SCRATCH 3.0 on Wikipedia.
Google is helping with it's development and it's supposed to be out late 2017.
The articles say it's HTML5 based so it can be run on Android/IOS devices.


This is a great idea and would be useful in the web browser! I think that this should be added!