Request user card backgrounds/user backgrounds/ profile pictures


i will be taking user card background requests!! and just backgrounds if you want one! using this website which i learned how to use at school

fill out this form if you want ones

what do u want written on you background?
background picture:
anything else:

Who are your favourite Hopscotchers?

anyone??? pleeease??? here is an example

i made this once at christmas!!!!


username: Pink_Roses
what do you want written on your background?: PinkRoses are love
colors: light pink and dark pink
font: 12
background picture: a sparkly pink rose
anything else: that's all! c:
note: Thx so much!!! c: c: c:


her do u like it

give me feedback!!!!!

@KVJ do u want ones?


Sure hold on a mo or twenty or 5628


It looks AMAZING!!! c: c: c:
Thx so much!!! c: c: c:
Yey!!! c: c: c:




ok i will work on it thankchu senpai fr requesting


meh i could have done better


Okay great! You're welcome!


Nuuuuuuuuuuuuu I reached da maximum of likes today!!! XD c:


I misplaced likes for 10 hours! (4 hours left)


I feel sorry for ya!!!
I have 2 hours left c:



sorry for late replies i am making ur background


XD so creepy c:
No really it is c:
I wonder what my sis would say if she saw dat XD c:


on paint because qoutescover was being rude


I summon @Maltese!!!!!


XD I wonder which topic she's on c:


This one I'm guessing :joy: