Request Trail Art by me on HS!



Here is the form!

Face expression:
When you want it done:

Just fill it out and i will tell you when i have published it!


Object: iPad with HS
Color/s: Dunno
Features: HS is on iPad, is in Draft view
Size: Fit-to-screen
Face expression: No face
Username: MobCraft
When you want it done: Dunno


Ok thanks! I will have it done as soon as i can!


Object: Panda
Color/s: black/white
Features: the features a panda has XD
Size: normal
Face expression: smiling
Username: PerfectPanda24
When you want it done: whenever you want

Something like this:

Thanks! :D


Thank YOU! I will do it as soon as i finish @MobCraft


@MobCraft your trail art request it finished! Go check it out! Search For MobCraft! On projects!


I think it'd be better to but up a link because I'm on a PC rn


I do not know how to link


Go to the project and click the box with the up arrow :smiley:


Yours is done @PerfectPanda24!
Sorry if it is bad! Look on my profile!


Thank you! :D


Your welcome! I had fun doing it!




I want
a caviller King Charles spaniel


Your welcome! This will be challenging but i will try my best!


You should give us the link to the projects.


It's super easy to learn! I can teach you! :D
1. Exit out of the project. You should see a square with an arrow pointing up, sort of like :outbox_tray:.
2. Click that!
3. Answer the (hopefully) simple math question. If it's too hard, exit out and keep clicking until you get an easy one.
4. Then, click 'Copy.'
5. You're done! Now go back to your post on the forum, or make a new post!
6. Hold on the screen, and select 'Paste.' If it doesn't come up, keep trying!
7. Your link should pop up! You did it!

Hope this helps! If you run into any trouble, just tag me! :slight_smile:


@BellaWafflez17! Your request is done! Search For iWaffle! On HS!


If you want a request fill out the form