Request to share collab login details securely


Hey everyone, I was talking to THT about the concern of collab accounts being hacked and people's ideas for using PMs. And we'd be okay with having a moderated PM as a safer way to share account details :smiley:

So when you would like to use a shared account for a collab and want to share the details with other Hops in the collab:

  • just let me know who's involved and I'll create a PM
  • I'll invite the creator of the account and they can post the login details
  • I'll invite all the other Hopscotchers in the collab and then close the PM

So the PMs are just for the account details, we don't have PMs turned on globally in the forum because:

I think we all learn a lot from sharing actually, everyone benefits when we do so β€” even if something discovered is just a small coding trick in a collab. And Hopscotch is an open source community :slight_smile: So the rest of the collab discussion will be in topics as usual.

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I am really happy that you are a mod because you are listening to what the people want!


I have one for @pandablossom and I can you make it?


Hi Sham :smile: sure!


Woah I'm glad we can do this! It's way easier! Can we still do topics where only some people can go in, or are you going to not allow @system to do that?


:smiley: Ohh I see what you mean, I think it was a secret way to do it but they weren't really allowed :blush: so that is why I talked about doing this instead with THT


hmm I remember seeing this, this ended up being closed

I know people are interested in keeping ideas private too :thinking: I guess on the other hand


I would like to apply for one with @wynterdiamond @mr.gam3r @BB-Box


Sure :smile: do you have the account details?


Yes, do I have to state them?


I'll let you know :blush:


Great topic senpai!!


I have said this a lot now, but wow. @t1_hopscotch, I am amazed that you have improved the forum so much! This is a really good and big thing! I am not in a collab right now, but I will bookmark this topic and let you know if I want one!


I want to make a collab forum account (not HS).. but I feel like that's wrong after what happened with @Fried-Chicken...


can u make a pm for this topic


Yeah hmm even recently, that account got incredibly out of hand, I saw someone put a really inappropriate avatar :disappointed:


Hi VolcanicBlast, sure :smiley: is it just you and @laser_eyed_puppy at the moment?


And aww thank you a lot @Sweetlina and @William04GamerA, it's not much that I've done :blush: This is just thanks to people's ideas :smile:

@Mandy aww that's lovely of you to say :cry::blush:


Honesty what you're doing is really helpful and kind, a lot of people are giving you requests and you're so sweet for doing them. I don't have any collabs rn but this is a great idea!


Is it ok to create HS (not forum) shared accounts? Because me and my friend have one for school???