Request to be a Moderator


Hello @Liza and other possible people looking at this. I am requesting to become a moderator, or at least asking if I can. Here are some ways I feel I am worthy to be a moderator for the forum.

I feel that I can find rude or unkind things on the forum effectively. As I am on almost every day.

I want people to have fun here. I want everyone to enjoy the forum, ask questions and have fun, and I want to stop people who are going to be rude, or do bad things to others on this forum.

I read top posts often and look at most of the headlines and comments

I am patient. If I need to look through the whole forum I will.

I am generally kind myself.

I hope you can get back to this and give me your answer or what I need to do in order to request to be a mod.




You can't request to be a leader of a moderator!

THT choose some peoples that they think could make the forum better and promote them to moderators.

It's the same for leaders.

I'm sorry!


First you need to be a leader. To be around nearly forever on the forum.


It goes in this order: Basic, member, regular, leader. When your leader, they will choose if ur worthy enough to for mod.


You can't really request to be a mod.... Liza picks people who have been leaders and have been around forever.


Know, you are basic. You need to go up the levels, and you could possibly become a mod. You can't ask for something like this. :slight_smile:


Right now you are basic, you would have to one be very very active on the fourm and get to regular to be even a little close to a leader or mod. Anyways their not taking requests right now


Hi! I'm glad you want to help out our community and be a forum Moderator. To become a Moderator, you first need to be a Leader (@trust_level_4). Here's a post explaining more about trust levels and how to get them:

Also, make sure while you're doing this to not change your personality or who you are. You can be kind and helpful while also being yourself! :)


Like I said on the other topic.

"The hopscotch team doesn't promote people to mod under request .

You need member, regular and then you need to be nice, positive don't get in a ton of flame wars, and MAYBE you will get leader and then mod will come."


You can't really ask.

It takes a very long time to get to the point where you are qualified for moderator. Sorry! :slight_smile:

If you stick around here for a very long time, have a good record when it comes to flags and suspensions, then you might possibly become a mod.

It's really not easy, but anyways, yup!

Are you new? If so, welcome to the Forums!


Once you get to leader, and spend about 3-6 weeks being leader, you can ask to be promoted to mod. But, you gotta get leader first :wink:


Hai, @CrookedCat6519!

I'm sorry, but you can't really request to be a Mod. Like others have said, you pretty much have to be a Leader first. :wink: (Exception: Qusid and seasoned.apricots)

Also, from what I've heard, being a Mod is a tough job! You have to check IP addresses, suspend really mean people, think about your title, etc. Why don't you work for Leader first?

You would be a good Mod! It's just that you can't request to be one just yet.


You can't really choose the THT chooses !


I think you have to earn it.
Would you like to close this or would you like to recycle/sell it?


Thank you so much for telling me, I was never really enlightened on the different "ranks" in the hopscotch forum community.

I have become a moderator on other servers (minecraft specifically) so I kinda know what to do. Again thanks for all the tips guys!!! It really helped <3


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