Request ‘input’ seeds = access to FREE products

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This can only be tested by ppl who has the request seeds block. I was creating a free-to-decide-the-amount-of-seeds-you-would-pay product, and when i enter nothing to the input, it says i bought the product! So you can access to free products like that. I recreated this bug in another project, and here’s the code:


Save input ‘variable1’
Request ‘variable1’ seeds

while playing the project, do not enter anything/enter letters and you’re see it shows that you paid the product

you can try by yourself here, once @Yuanyuan has put it out if the filter

Please vote ONLY if you already test it in your drafts/if you test it in my link
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I haven’t tested it yet but I hope some people will

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I’ll test it out when I have more time.

Well, entering a blank input automatically stores the variable as zero. That’s intentional.

When you request zero seeds for a product, you automatically get it, because you don’t have to pay any seeds. I think this is intentional so that people can use the seeds block as an achievement/unlockable item that you can also earn instead of pay for.

So to me, this seems intentional, is it not?


I guess a work around for this is to check whether the input variable is 0, if not then it fires the request seeds block or if it is it tells the player to try again?

You can use a if conditional and check if variable is greater than 0 (meaning the user has to enter a valid positive integer to purchase an item/donate seeds)

There’s nothing wrong with this, when there’s no imput to a variable it stays at it’s default (0) charging 0 seeds. Just put a check once if 0 if 0 is not a price you’re comfortable with

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try entering random letters and it’ll show that you paid


@Leaders clive

i think the input of the seed block is a int, and while entering random letters to the input (char), int cannot read char (NaN) and it returns 0. As @/FRENCH_WAVE123 and @/Awesome_E started, request 0 seeds will make the product free, which is completely normal

i guess i’ll use regex to detect if the player enters 0 or letters

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