Request for @SmilingSnowflakes



Hi @SmilingSnowflakes. I love your projects on Hopscotch. Can you possibly do my request. I love Kawaii things, so could you possibly make a kawaii food plate on Hopscotch...If so that would be super awesome. Thanks, KawaiiLover. :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome to the forum! :D

I remember you on Hopscotch :D


Yea, just do @Kawaii_Lover
Put @ and then their Forum name


Welcome to the forum!
Your name sounds so familiar...


Oh! Hold on a sec :wink:


Take cover! The SA is machine gunning us with likes! Bot now


Lol :joy: @Kawaii_Lover I think I found you... Hehehe did you see your activity? Also, great drawings!


Welcome to the forum!!

You can give your request here!

Spam likes are coming your way!! ;)
(on my other account)


Welcome to the forum!! I'm Dancing Lollipop! (You recently remixed my impossible quiz :wink:) If you need any help just tag me! :smile:

I may or may not have spammed you


Thank you @Kawaii_Lover! :D

I'm not taking requests anymore, but cute food is a great idea!
I will make it. :D


It's letting you tag! I got the notification! :wink:


Thanks a bunch! I love everything you make...Can you still do my drawing (and by drawing, I mean just a plain one. Not like the models on Hopscotch) and food plate on Hopscotch. BTW, I love Kawaii and light purple. I have dirty blond hair and light skin too :D. I am sorry to stress you about it, but I am leaving for a trip soon so can it be done in the next 10hrs. Sorry, Forum is glitching and yes you, @SmilingSnowflakes


@SmilingSnowflakes how close is my logo to being done


Thank you!

I think you have a limited amount of replies when you join.

I can do the cute food one. :D

@Kawaii_Lover I can do the drawing. :D

Drawing on Paper compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) (Official 3)

Sorry if I'm bugging you to much about the logo @SmilingSnowflakes :pensive:


It's okay! You're not bugging me. :D


Good, is it close to being finished @SmilingSnowflakes


It will finally let me reply


I am sorry to bother you @SmilingSnowflakes, but when will my request for the drawing and Kawaii food plate on Hopscotch? Sorry to bug you. How many requests do you get every day? Plus can your follow me? Your coding is so awesome and inspirational!


@SmilingSnowflakes are you almost done with my request. Sorry to bug you about it!