Request for SmilingSnowflakes!



Hi, @SmilingSnowflakes! I don't mean to bother you, but can you do a drawing request for me? Possibly like @Dude73's old profile pic? The one she's gonna change into tomorrow. Please don't flag this, I just want a request! I love how you draw. Ok, so if you could do it, please do it ASAP!
Here's the request:
Hair: shoulder length, back, wavy
Clothes: anything that look good
Eyes: brown
Skin: peach
Accessories: a bracelet that looks something like this:


Sure! :D
Thank you! :D

I will start sketching it sometime soon, and maybe it will be finished tomorrow! :D

Also, you aren't bothering me!


Ok, thanks! Glad I didn't bother you.... Oh yea, could u tittle the project EnchantedHopscotcher's Request done? Because my username in hopscotch is EnchantedHopscotcher!


This was what my Talk to a Hopscotcher topic was for :sweat_smile:


Are you done, @SmilingSnowflakes? R u using the hopscotch app to do this? I don't want to spam u with questions.... :grimacing::grin:........


Do you want me to draw it on a drawing app, or hopscotch? :D


Your choice! Also, I have no idea why I'm asking you, because I have a dare to change my profile pic for a week. I don't like it!


Could you list a few colors for the clothes? :D
And... Shoes? XD


For the clothes:
Secret colors:
HSB 180,100,100
HSB 240,100,100
HSB 160, 100, 100
Any thing! Colors are HSB 180, 100, 100 and white!


Thanks! :D

Could you list a few items? :D
(e.g. Flowers, long sleeved shirts, short sleeved shirts, cookies, etc.)


Could you make my shirt a t shirt that has a them of spring?


I can! :D


@SmilingSnowflakes, are you done yet? I don't want to be impatient and bother you....


Not yet... But soon I will be! :D

Do you want a pose?


@SmilingSnowflakes, are you done? I'm getting impatient!! It's ok if you're not done... I know I'm annoying and probabably pestering you.....


Not finished yet...
Almost, though!

I'm sorry it's taking so long.

Should I post it on the drawing topic, or here?
I suppose I should post it here. XD

Also, you're not pestering, or annoying me! :D


Can you post it here? Thanks! I want to change my profile pic so badly! XD


Um... @SmilingSnowflakes, are you done? I know I'm impatient.....


@SmilingSnowflakes, are you dine with the request... Just curios.... I want it to be my next profile pic for profile pic war v2.0