Request a custom group in the forum


I didn't ask @JonnyGamer or @Hermione about it I think they're the group leaders

I hope they don't get upset.....


So uh...I should have asked you guys before but

@JonnyGamer @Hermione can we make this group?


We should just make a cipher club where we decode stuff and puzzles. That'd be pretty awesome! The Hopscotch Puzzle Crew



So....we can use this for the ScotchHop Team hacker issue thingy?

The Hopscotch Puzle Crew sounds great

So...I'll just delete that....?


cool thinking we shouldn't name it ScotchHophackee issue i don't thinkweneex a griup only to solve the hacker issue



I guess we'll just create that group for it?


Group (full) name: Pass Along Collabers

Group tag @name: @PassAlongCollabers
no apostrophes or spaces

Any group owners? @WynterDiamond
(group owners can add/remove people, edit settings for the group)

Set the group so that members can join and leave freely? No


Would you like a description for the group? Not yet. Wyn might add one in the future.

People to be added:

Proof that these people would like to be in this group/game thing:

I can paste in existing lists. Make sure people have consented to being in the list previously.


And other proof - my consent as owner of the group :wink:


Yadda yadda yadda..
you got my vote- i mean consent


yeah I'm gonna fill out the form 4 it


Alright! And if you didn't happen to read the description, it is hopscotch related- We code Hopscotch projects for Aphmau or scenes from her role plays.




Thank you! ^^


Thank you!!



Add @Gobli09 as well, and call it HopscotchWeeklyCiphers, please :wink: thank you for creating this :slight_smile:


Hey Holly, here you go I'm super sorry for the delay!


Hi @WynterDiamond and @Xman0417 here's the group :smiley: (I'm really sorry about the lateness)


@t1_hopscotch, I would like to add to @Elemental_Cat's group request --
I would like the tag name to be "HCG" rather than "WDWC"
Thank you :wink:


Hi OnceUponATime, okay sounds awesome! here you go, really sorry for the delay —


Oh I am so sorry about that! :frowning: I have fixed it so you are the owner now, let me know if there are still any problems.