Request a custom group in the forum


hey t1, i noticed that my group isnt on the page... i am pretty sure it is @spiceycarrotz


I think it got deleted


Hi William04GamerA :smile: Here you go:

And here you go @Snoopy, that sounds lovely :blush:


That's an awesome idea :smiley: not sure if the form is too long already though (wanted to try keep it to the essentials at first)

Hi LazyLizard, we were concerned about groups maybe getting a bit too much out of hand, so some were removed :(

But you are welcome to repurpose it or request a new one, as long as it isn't too off-topic or anything.


Thank you so much!


@t1_hopscotch could you read this part? Thank you so much for being an awesome mod :)))))))))


Thank you for creating that group!


okay! thank you!

Name: Carrot Fam
Tag: @spiceycarrotz
Owner: @LazyLizard

i will make sure it stays under control. thank you so, so, so much for helping everybody!!!


@t1_hopscotch, I don't know if you have seen this "hidden" group setting feature:


Here is my request @t1_hopscotch!


No worries and whoops sorry I missed that earlier.

I don't think it's possible for people in a PM to add others at the moment. And it is possible to have a PM with more than two people, but only where it has been allowed (e.g. a closed PM for sharing collab account passwords, discussing a concern with us etc)


Okay, just make sure it doesn't go too off topic though. Here you go

And here you go @glam_unicorn


And wow that is really cool :open_mouth:


huh. wait @t1_hopscotch It dosent make me the owner, i cant do anything.


what? -1 members?


Thank you! I also think that this is a really cool feature!


thank you, its great!!!


Form for custom groups:

  • Group (full) name:
    Holly's Art Frens :3
  • Group tag @name:

  • Any group owners?

  • Set the group so that members can join and leave freely?

  • Would you like a description for the group?
    yep, 'Hi! This group is basically an art tag list to see Holly_Aarmau's art when she posts.'

  • Any users to be added so far?
    Nope ;-;


I'll join that. I want to learn more about ciphers anyway. And we might solve the hacker issue.

Also, t1, can you just make it so the first scotchhop account cannot publish? That'd be easier than solving all these ciphers.


Why did that get deleted?