Request a custom group in the forum


That's a super helpful idea!

I will get to your request @Periwinkle_Dolphin :smiley:
Here we go :smile:


This will be the group for Hopscotch Academy students to join so they get tagged when a new assignment pops up. The owners of the group will be the teachers!


Group (full) name:
Phoenix Games

Group tag @name:

Group description:
If you got tagged to this, that you means you were accepted in this 'company'! Congratulations!

No users for now


Hi @HopscotchRemixer :smiley: hmm it looks like the name can't be longer than 20 characters :thinking: (at the moment it is 24 characters I think, and I just set it to Just let me know what you would like to change it to!

And hey @Phase_Admin, here you go :smile:


I actually like the abbreviation Hop so yeah, keep it that way with HopAcademyStudents


This is the cool summer club and we will have fun all summer!


Hi Paige1212 :smiley: Here is the group





This is the dogs club for dog lovers like me or you





Here is the group :slight_smile: let me know if I mixed up anything :thinking:


Hi StarryDream :smile: it looks like I can't use the + symbol in the group username, is there anything you would like to change it to?

I set it to HABleadersPlus for now but just let me know what you would like!

And whoops sorry about the confusing templates – it turns out that membership requests don't work so I have it switched off for now.


It's ok

I can handle


Hi @t1_hopscotch I have this feeling that groups are being used to much and for unnecessary things, could you maybe make rules?


Yeah I was reflecting on exactly the same thing :relaxed: In general with off-topicness on the forum...

It's a bit hard because we're also talking about general stuff on the forum.

I think as a start, groups that are completely random are a bit too much? :grin:

  • tag lists for updates on projects etc. are okay
  • clubs/collabs on the forum are okay


Hi everyone yeah I think maybe it's a bit too much to have groups that are too random :( hmm I understand that you might want to have a bit of fun, but I have made a look and the groups don't seem to have much purpose as a group.

I am sorry that I will remove groups :disappointed: But I would be able to create them again if you have another idea and it seems okay.


No one is in trouble or anything, I am just tagging to notify

@MrHotdog64 Cats
@Paige1212 DOGSCLUB
@LazyLizard spiceycarrotz
@PixelMaster64 sorl
@HappyDolphin trumpetsfromhoenn


k no more sorl powers




Are you going to remove @BOTS? (Sorry for tagging you all) I might be able to give it a purpose as a competition but I don't know.


Please make this! @t1_hopscotch @t1_hopscotch


Wait I had another idea too: we can also repurpose or rename groups easily :blush: I will just let you all know first before doing anything.

From earlier

@MrHotdog64 Cats
@Paige1212 DOGSCLUB
@LazyLizard spiceycarrotz
@PixelMaster64 sorl
@HappyDolphin trumpetsfromhoenn

Hmm now that you mention it, I remember meaning to include BOTS in that list as well; but I will just leave the note of being able to repurpose groups as above first :relaxed:

Sorry again to everyone :disappointed: but you can always reapply to create another group :blush: