Request a custom group in the forum [Closed]


Oh thank you for telling me @HopscotchRemixer. That’s really annoying


I am not sure, but @Liza is busy working on Hopscotch, so she might not be able to create groups because she is busy working on other things.


Thank you! VVPP Forever!


Form for custom groups:
Groups for collabs/clubs on the forum are okay, and for updates on projects etc.

Group (full) name: Hoped Tag List

Group tag @name: @Hoppy_List
no apostrophes or spaces

Any group owners? Can you give people the group owner permission? If you can do that do that if not nobody…
(group owners can add/remove people, edit settings for the group)

Set the group so that members can join and leave freely? Yes!


Would you like a description for the group? Yes! Can you put "Hoped Hopers Tag List Of Tagging Freinds And Foes Alike!
Est. 2017"
If so, include here (Group owners or I can update this whenever you like)

Any users to be added so far?
I can paste in existing lists. Make sure people have consented to being in the list previously.

Just let me know about any concerns.


Who will be making groups now?


Who will be making groups now?


re-change into jacksprojects
(yes jack is my name)


can i make a group?


Is anyone still making groups?


Thanks a ton! I hope you see this!



I doubt these are made anymore.


My post is not empty
And it has 20 characters


I don’t think groups can be made anymore sorry dude D:


hi logan! your post was flagged, which means that someone found it inappropriate I guess? I’m sorry you had to get flagged, it’s really annoying D:
maybe if you don’t want to get flagged, try to act a bit nicer on the forum I guess?.. I think you’re pretty nice :D


I’m actually looking for who did that so I can get them back
So if u know pm me plz


Wait so o don’t have to look can u quote the entire set of guidelines


you can’t pm people on the forum and flagging is anonymous
also, it’s not a big deal, people get flagged all the time
here are the community guidelines:


I would like a special group of my own! Call it @CVAC.


Hi t1! Are groups still available? If so, can I please have one for my new art club? Thanks!